Do you live for the scenes below?

Have you cheered on a worthless bunch of rich athletes for most of your life only to be let down every January?

Then welcomes you to the game where only losers can win. Each week you simply have to click on the team you hope will lose their game, submit your pick using your email address account, and then sit back and watch some of the worst teams advance you to victory.


1. Pick a team you think is going to lose, that's how you win this competition.

2. Losing means LOSING. Wins and Ties are not losing.

3. Everyone starts the week with a default team incase you forget to make your pick. You can make and change your pick as many times as you want up until the start of the first game of the week.

4. Last man standing wins. If there is more than one person left after NFL regular season week 17 (we stop at week 17 no matter what), prize will be divided equally among remaining players. Prize splits work as follows:

***Under 30 people playing no split.
***30 - 39 people playing prize is split by last 2 if they both agree to split.
***40 - 49 people playing prize is split when 3 or less people are left and all agree to split prize....etc.

Clarification: If there are 35 people playing for example and 3 people are left, and all 3 lose in a given week, the prize is split into 3. If 2 people lose and 1 person is left standing, that person wins the entire prize. If 2 people are left standing and both agree to split, the game is over and the prize is split evenly. If there are 2 people left and one person does not want to split the prize, the game continues.

2023 Default Teams by Week:

Miami Dolphins Weeks 1-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Weeks 9-18

Only SUNDAY games are available to pick. Games on SUNDAY must be played on or after 1:00 pm Eastern Time in the United States. (No London, Mexico City etc).

Picks for the week open on Tuesdays at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time and close at kickoff Eastern Time of the week's first SUNDAY game. Teams available to pick may not reflect the full SUNDAY schedule. We all love em, but 17 point underdogs are a little extreme for Sucking at Football.

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